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Van Wrap – Marketing with Wild Lime Green

A van wrap can be specifically geared toward promoting a brand or service. This is the most common use of a van wrap. However, this wild lime green creation is not promoting anything but is being used for a commercial purpose. How is that? Well, because it was designed for the sole purpose of generating attention for the dealership that sells commercial vehicles to many different companies. It is sitting in front of their store without promoting the dealership specifically. I have said it many times before but the reason you wrap a vehicle is to generate attention! You can’t miss the bright colors, printed in high definition, on this van wrap! For this design we were asked to create a wild lime green theme that in turn could be utilized by a potential purchaser of the vehicle for their logo and branding over the top of the van wrap. That thought is, of course, a perfect world scenario that would be a bonus for the dealership. It could happen!!! In reality this van wrap will serve to catch the eye of every person driving by the store. By looking over at the van you inevitably take notice of the dealership and other vehicles they have to offer. If you pass this daily on your commute you will begin to know the name of this dealer and you might consider them for your next vehicle purchase. As is the case here your wrapped vehicle can be working for you even when it is parked! Imagine the 70,000 to 100,000 people that would see it if you were using it every day!

IMG_0533 IMG_0535 IMG_0536 IMG_0537 IMG_0539 IMG_0540

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Carbon Fiber Wrap- Honda CRV Full Wrap

A Carbon Fiber Wrap will turn heads wherever you go with it’s unique textured pattern and style attitude. Carbon Fiber components are commonly used on professional race car cars of all genres, competition bicycles, all types of helmets and even golf clubs! So here’s the rub, real Carbon Fiber is REAL Expensive!!! We are talking in the thousands here for a single item for your car or truck. This is where a Carbon Fiber Wrap comes into the picture. You can accent specific parts of your car or truck for a fraction of the cost of the real thing and it looks GREAT! There are many companies that manufacture Carbon Fiber Films. In my opinion there are only 2 manufacturers that we will use here at Metroplex Wraps. AVERY and/or 3M. These are top of the line films that are tried and tested. If you want the best result for your Carbon Fiber Wrap then use the best film available!  Shown here is a Honda CRV with a full Carbon Fiber Wrap. We have used 2 different colors here to achieve the finished look. We used 3M 1080 Series Black Carbon Fiber film and 3M Anthracite Carbon Fiber film. The body of the vehicle is wrapped in Black Carbon Fiber and the hood, roof, back and door handles are wrapped in the Anthracite Carbon Fiber. This application will also protect the vehicle’s paint from dirt, small debris and harmful UV rays.  The cool characteristic of this film is that it combines both matte and satin finishes. This is what creates the shimmer effect along with fine metallic flakes in the film. You see it more so on the Anthracite than on the black. Not sure if that is intentional but that is a fact!

IMG_0575 IMG_0576 IMG_0579 IMG_0581 IMG_0582 IMG_0583

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Custom Wrap – Jeep Mudder “The Joker”

We created this custom wrap for Ronnie Gaston on his monster Jeep. This ain’t no ordinary Jeep folks! This is a one-of-a-kind monster mud slinger! Ronnie is with Rednecks with Paychecks and approached us to come up with a custom wrap that would make him stand out from the other monsters on his weekend mud excursions. The Jeep was about to undergo a major exterior transformation in the way a custom wrap of the Joker! Our design department put themselves into character for this custom wrap and the outcome speaks for itself. The majority of the texture and background were hand drawn to portray the manic personality of this villain in all it’s glory. As you can see, this finished custom wrap would fit nicely into the Jokers world of loud and obnoxious vehicles. At the end of the day that is why you wrap your car, truck, van, boat or trailer. To get attention!!! You might want to tone it down a bit or you might want to turn it up full volume…either way we can help. Ronnie will end up taking this Jeep to off-road shows and events to compete with other monster mudders! If you are looking for a custom wrap for your business to generate more opportunities or for your personal enjoyment then let us make that happen for you. There is no guess work in our process and you are in total control of the entire process from start to finish. The sky is the limit when it comes to color and creativity. Thanks Ronnie, we enjoyed working on your Jeep! Enjoy!

Joker-0027 Joker-0022 Joker-0017 Joker-0014(1)IMG_0550 IMG_0555

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Commercial Vehicle Wrap for MFI Flooring, Inc.

We just completed this commercial vehicle wrap for McMahan Flooring, Inc. located in Dallas, TX. They specialize in commercial flooring applications and have decades of flooring experience. This truck came straight from the dealership to our shop as do most of the “fleet driven” companies that we service. Here is why…companies that use a commercial vehicle wrap to grow their business understand just how important it is to wrap every vehicle before they get put into service. A blank company vehicle costs the same to operate as the average commuters vehicle to get from point A to point B. YOU SHOULD WRAP YOUR COMPANY VEHICLES!!! or at least have your logo and contact information on 3 sides (ds,ps and rear). It would cost you $1.48 a day with the average price of a commercial vehicle wrap to be around $2695. A commercial truck wrap will pay for itself very quickly and you will reach tens of thousands of prospective clients and customers every day! Brand recognition is also at work with your commercial vehicle wrap. Your company vehicles will begin to be recognized simply by the color scheme and design of your wrap. This is very powerful marketing that will add to your bottom line. When I see an MFI truck on the road it is unmistakable. I know immediately the name of the company and I am not reading any part of the vehicle. It is all visual recognition! That is what you want. People to know it’s you with a glance. Even if they do not need your service at that very moment you are imprinting your brand and services for their future considerations when the need arises.


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Matte Black Wrap on Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

A Matte Black Wrap adds an edge to any vehicle of any make or model. If you are looking to add a little attitude to your ride then a Matte Black Wrap is a definite front runner on your short list. What makes Matte Black so unique? Well for starters it has a stealth like appearance and looks like nothing else on the road. A Matte Black Wrap will take your factory painted car or truck and turn it into an attention getting machine. We use only the best when it comes to our materials. Utilizing premium 3M and AVERY films along with Arlon and Oracal to achieve optimal results in longevity and quality. As shown in the picture of this Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 you can also “Style” your car or truck with a Matte Black Wrap. You do not always have to wrap the entire vehicle to achieve the custom look you want. What is styling? Styling is when you do not wrap the entire vehicle but rather accent certain areas by wrapping. Here at Metroplex Wraps we will help you with color choices and provide you with our professional advise on what you are trying to accomplish. There are many, many ways to style a car or truck. You can follow body lines, create new body lines, accent featured components, wrap spoilers, rockers, roofs, hoods, mirrors, etc…your options are many!  A Matte Black Wrap is not your only option. There are matte metallic colors, as well as complete custom designed matte graphics that can be professionally installed here at Metroplex Wraps. Satin and Gloss films are also available…


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Racing Stripes and Rally Stripes add race style attitude!

IMG_0508 IMG_0510Rally Stripes and racing stripes can definitely play a big role in personalizing your car or truck. Vinyl stripes and accents can be a viable option for anyone looking to customize their vehicle without the hassle of paint. Let’s talk about racing stripes as seen on this Dodge Challenger we completed above. Jeremy wanted “Hemi” Orange as the main color with a bold black stripe at the top and a thinner stripe at the bottom giving thiese racing stripes a completely custom look. You may also notice that, at Jeremy’s request, we created a racing stripe that visually eliminated the upward sweeping body line toward the rear of the car. Racing stripes can be designed to follow body lines of the vehicle or create a visual effect that is unique to the owner of the vehicles personal preference as shown above. You also have the option to replace a “factory” graphic utilizing a different color, shape or size. A more common graphic to consider are rally stripes. Traditionally rally stripes are found on muscle cars such as Mustangs, Challengers, Camaros, Chargers and other similar cars in this category. Rally stripes can also be found on your “tuner” class of cars such as Subaru, Mitsubishi, Honda, BMW to name a few. Using rally stripes to personalize your car or truck is one of the fastest methods to achieve a different look and visual feel to your car without changing the existing color of the vehicle. We have a vast array of colors to choose from or let one of our designers dial in just the right look for you!

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Box Truck Wrap is a Mobile Billboard!

A box truck wrap is most definitely a mobile billboard. Companies with wrapped vehicles are maximizing their marketing footprint. Some companies could not do what they do without with the use of box trucks and some do not use them, but every company would benefit from a box truck wrap! They are one of the biggest attention generators in traffic and they tower above almost all vehicles on the road. This makes a box truck wrap extremely effective. We just finished the design, print and installation on this box truck for Comfort Zone. Comfort Zone is a subsidiary brand of Foamaster located here in Fort Worth, Texas. Comfort Zone is a spray insulation company with a great reputation with making your home as energy efficient as possible. Homeowners CAN retrofit their homes with more energy efficient insulation. From the Foamaster website: “Their utility bills will be significantly lower and the savings will pay for the retrofit in a matter of months”. If you need spray insulation for your home these are the guys to call. Foamaster is located at: 360 Mesa Grande Dr in Fort Worth, Texas 76108 Telephone: 1-844-800-FOAM – E-mail:

Shane Batson, the CEO of Foamaster/Comfort Zone knows the impact of wrapping all of their vehicles. A box truck wrap in the DFW area will be seen by 70,000 to 100,000 people a day if used for picking up, delivering or providing a service on a daily basis. Another benefit of a box truck wrap is that even when it is parked it is a viable form of marketing brand awareness. if allowed, you can park your box truck on the corner of a busy intersection or in front of your own office or store front.   IMG_0492 IMG_0498

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Wall Mural and Store Front Graphics

Custom wall mural graphics are an extremely effective marketing tool. You will see a wall mural in grocery stores, malls, retail stores, movie theaters and even on the outside of buildings. The visual impact of a well designed wall mural can be breath taking on a large scale and equally impressive in smaller doses. This form of branding and marketing conveys a message of success and forward thinking creativity. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a wall mural speaks very fast! Your prospective clients will get what you are saying instantly with striking imagery. A wall mural from Metroplex Wraps will be custom designed, printed in high definition, installed professionally with your choice of canvas texture, high gloss, satin or matte finish. If a wall mural is not necessary you may want to consider full color graphics for your store front. This would allow your marketing to reach outside your store or office to capture potential business with drive by traffic or pedestrians. One option is a 2 way window film for your store front windows. This allows a full color graphic on the outside with the ability for you to see through it from inside your location. Another added benefit to this application is it acts as a “tint” for the windows and will reduce heat penetration in the summer. You may also want to go with a solid vinyl that simply covers the windows for full impact or you may want some simple full color text with random graphics placed for maximum effect. Whether you are in the market for a wall mural or store front graphics we can help.


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Vehicle Wrap HQ: Inside Metroplex Wraps

Welcome to an inside look at our premier vehicle wrap shop! We proudly serve vehicle wrap needs for clients in Fort Worth, Dallas and all surrounding areas of the DFW Metroplex and beyond. Our shop features 5000 sq ft of open, full view race shop environment with 20′ tall ceilings. We can accommodate many vehicles simultaneously in our clean, secure, climate controlled shop. Your vehicle wrap will be printed in high definition on the latest HP Latex printers in our in-house print department then an extra layer of laminated protection is added to protect your full color print graphic. We treat every vehicle wrap and each project like it is our own and it shows in our creativity and workmanship. Our design department can take your vision and make it a reality! Utilizing their talent and expertise is included in your vehicle wrap project where design is required. When using our design department we do not limit your number of color choices or the number of revisions required to achieve your ultimate layout. For color change wraps we have a massive variety of colors to choose from here at the shop. Our color charts are available immediately inside our entry to make choosing just the right one for your specialty film vehicle wrap efficient and easy. We can also show you the impact of wall murals. Our shop has 2 different types of wall murals installed for you to see. We can show you how to use matte finishes to reduce glare or high gloss for maximum pop! You will also see other examples of our wall murals that are printed on textured canvas. This is ideal for a very high end professional presentation and is sure to impress and grab attention.

IMG_0480 (1)IMG_0476 (1)IMG_0475 (1)



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Matte Wrap: Satin White Pearl Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

Matte Wrap

SUV Wrap: Tuesday July 19, 2016

How do you take a 480 hp SUV to the next level? YOU WRAP IT!!! Check out this AWESOME Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT wrapped in a beautiful Satin White Pearl AVERY Supreme Wrapping Film. At Metroplex Wraps we use only the highest quality specialty films available. Our master install team will transform your car, truck, van or SUV into a one-of-a-kind ride! This ensures your vinyl car wrap to be the best it can be. Let’s talk specifically about the color choice here for this Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT…The satin finish of this specialty film matte wrap provides a soft, classy look that compliments every body line of this stylish ride. Satin White Pearl will illuminate in the sun and shimmer at night. A matte wrap turns heads…at first glance you can’t quite put your finger on the “cool factor”…then you realize it’s the color…and it is undeniably unique. Your matte wrap will also protect your existing paint from harmful UV rays, dirt and small debris. In short a matte wrap protects your investment! A matte wrap is is also very versatile because you can remove it whenever you are ready without altering the original paint or simply have us install a completely different color change option for you. If you would like for us to turn your vehicle into an AWESOME and unique ride you can visit our Matte & Satin page under the “Custom” section. With a wide array of specialty film colors to choose from you are sure to find the right combination to wrap your car, truck or SUV! Call Metroplex Wraps today at 817.997.4431 or Come See us! We are located at 2161 E. Loop 820 N. in Fort Worth, Texas 76118 next door to Texas Master Craft Boats!Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT