Wall Mural and Store Front Graphics

Custom wall mural graphics are an extremely effective marketing tool. You will see a wall mural in grocery stores, malls, retail stores, movie theaters and even on the outside of buildings. The visual impact of a well designed wall mural can be breath taking on a large scale and equally impressive in smaller doses. This form of branding and marketing conveys a message of success and forward thinking creativity. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a wall mural speaks very fast! Your prospective clients will get what you are saying instantly with striking imagery. A wall mural from Metroplex Wraps will be custom designed, printed in high definition, installed professionally with your choice of canvas texture, high gloss, satin or matte finish. If a wall mural is not necessary you may want to consider full color graphics for your store front. This would allow your marketing to reach outside your store or office to capture potential business with drive by traffic or pedestrians. One option is a 2 way window film for your store front windows. This allows a full color graphic on the outside with the ability for you to see through it from inside your location. Another added benefit to this application is it acts as a “tint” for the windows and will reduce heat penetration in the summer. You may also want to go with a solid vinyl that simply covers the windows for full impact or you may want some simple full color text with random graphics placed for maximum effect. Whether you are in the market for a wall mural or store front graphics we can help.


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